Abbiege-Simulator 1.0 (), 164 kB
Screenshot Abbiege-Simulator 1.0
  • Simple training program for driver's licence
  • Creates random street cross situations
  • German driving rules (please tell me if something's different in your country)

FlightSearch 1.0.1 (), 1894 kB
Screenshot Abbiege-Simulator 1.0
  • Find flights without exactly knowing start and destination
  • Easyly check prices: Double click on a result opens a Google search for that airline
  • Flight data from
  • Limitation: Support for some countries is bad because of missing IATA codes

IFS-Win 2.0 (), 235 kB
Screenshot IFS-Win 2.0
  • Generates IFS fractals with random parameters
  • Animated change of parameters every 5 seconds
  • Some famous IFS fractals (Barnsley, Koch, Sierpinski) preprogrammed
  • Can be used as a nice looking screen saver

JPEG Photo Resizer 1.1 (), 117 kB
Screenshot JPEG Photo Resizer 1.1
  • Reduces the size of your photos to 25% (e.g. 4000x3000 to 1000x750)
  • Just drag and drop any JPEG files onto the program
  • Any included rotation information is converted to a real image rotation
  • All meta data like camera model and date/time (the EXIF header) is removed
  • Original files stay untouched, resulting files have about 4% of the original's file size
  • Supports unicode file names

Musik-Suchmaschine 2.4 beta (), 889 kB
Screenshot Musik-Suchmaschine 2.4 beta
  • Generates a fulltext searchable index of all your MP3s and videos
  • Requirement: Needs Winamp 2.05 or higher installed
  • All indexed files accessible via remote control with WinLIRC
  • Generates an RTF catalog of all indexed files
  • Preview of any MP3 using a second sound card
  • Screen saver mode with display of currently playing file
  • Supports unicode file names

TV-OnTop 1.2 (), 162 kB
Screenshot TV-OnTop 1.2
  • Hides/reduces your TV window when moving the mouse cursor over it
  • Thus enables you to use the whole screen for programs while watching TV
  • Requirement: The TV window's title and class must be known
  • (Window title and class be found out e.g. with Greatis WinDowse)

Discontinued projects (DOS)

Bccvol 1.40, 16 kB
Screenshot Bccvol 1.40
  • Volume control utility for SB and SB PRO card (should work on other SB cards or SB compatibles too)
  • Commandline control
  • Optimal for use in Autoexec.bat

Bios 1.35.1, 24 kB
Screenshot Bios 1.35.1
  • Saving and restoring the BIOS settings
  • Validating actual settings to saved settings
  • Deleting the BIOS settings (there are some strange cases...)
  • Displaying information about the BIOS, BIOS Extensions and BIOS beepcodes
  • Finding BIOS passwords for Award, Ami, Phoenix and AST BIOS
  • Finding BIOS universal passwords for Award BIOS
  • Dumping the whole BIOS segment to disk
  • Switching the 1st and 2nd level caches on/off
  • Turning the PC into Suspend or Stand-By mode (requires APM 1.1+)
  • Turning off the PC (requires APM 1.2+)
  • Rebooting the PC (cold/warm/int19)
Attention: This is a command line program that needs to run in real mode. Therefore it cannot be run under any kind of graphical operating system. If you do not have installed any suitable OS, please create a bootdisk at first in order to run it from there.

ChangeDisk 1.0, 3 kB
Screenshot ChangeDisk 1.0
  • Small program that waits until the disk in drive A: is changed
  • Optimal for copying disks to harddisk

CPU 1.1, 16 kB
Screenshot CPU 1.1
  • Displays much of information about your CPU

Deskjet 1.0, 14 kB
Screenshot Deskjet 1.0
  • Tool for HP DeskJet printers
  • Lets you find out which ink nozzles of your cadridges are congested

IFS 1.5, 20 kB
Screenshot IFS 1.5
  • Generates nice looking IFS fractals
  • Famous IFS fractals on keypress (Barnsley, Koch, Sierpinski)
  • Save fractal and parameters to harddisk (BMP/TXT)
  • Optimal as screensaver

Ivecs 1.0, 14 kB
Screenshot Ivecs 1.0
  • Displays the interruptvectors
  • Differenciates addresses in memory and bios rom by colors

Redbook 4.00, 16 kB
Screenshot Redbook 4.00
  • Small command line cd player
  • Ejects the cd if you want it (might also be used in batchfiles)

ScreenSave/Load 1.1, 7 kB
Screenshot ScreenSave/Load 1.1
  • Saving the textmode screen (80x25) and displaying it later again
  • Optimal for batchfiles if you use programs which cannot be pipelined

Sector 1.0, 8 kB
Screenshot Sector 1.0
  • Viewing the contents of disks and harddrives
  • Offsets in hex and decimal
  • Choosing the sector per C/H/S

Discontinued projects (Windows)

Absturz 2.0, 99 kB
Screenshot Absturz 2.0
  • ("Absturz" is the german word for a hanging PC)
  • Lets the PC hang immediately when executed (works with NT too)
  • Optimal for placing in the Startup group
  • Can also be put in any directory with subdirectories because it looks like a folder

BCC-DIZ 1.3, 117 kB
Screenshot BCC-DIZ 1.3
  • Displays DIZ files (often used for short descriptions of a folder's content)
  • Uses codepage 437 (USA) font to display ASCII graphics alright
  • Window size depends only on the dimensions of the contents of a DIZ file
  • Window content or parts of it can be copied to the Clipboard

BiosPwds 1.2, 1 kB
Screenshot BiosPwds 1.2
  • Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME
  • This program has been replaced by a new one called WinBIOS (see below)

DSA-Dorfgenerator 1.0 alpha, 124 kB
Screenshot DSA-Dorfgenerator 1.0 alpha
  • (This is in german because DSA is only available in german)
  • Zur Zeit noch im alpha-Stadium
  • Erzeugt auf Knopfdruck die Daten für ein typisch aventurisches Dorf
  • Unterstützt die im "Handbuch des Reisenden" vorgegebenen Dorfgrößen
  • Generierung der Dorfdaten erfolgt streng nach DSA-Regeln

DSA-Wettergenerator 1.1, 163 kB
Screenshot DSA-Wettergenerator 1.1
  • (This is in german because DSA is only available in german)
  • Erzeugt auf Knopfdruck das Wetter für bis zu 900 Tage
  • Unterstützt alle vier Jahreszeiten
  • Generierung der Wetterdaten erfolgt streng nach DSA-Regeln
  • Platzsparender Ausdruck: Bis zu 90 Tage auf einer DIN-A4 Seite

Duke Nukem 3D menu 1.5, 167 kB
Screenshot Duke Nukem 3D menu 1.5
  • Comfortably select a user level, configure network options and launch DN3D
  • The description of a selected user level is automatically displayed (if it exists)
  • Includes a CD player, which disables DN3D background music when playing

NetAdmPw 1.2, 110 kB
Screenshot NetAdmPw 1.2
  • Gets/sets the password for Windows 95/98/ME Remote Administration on keypress

Netuse 1.0, 110 kB
Screenshot Netuse 1.0
  • Shows traffic intensity in Windows 95/98/ME LANs
  • Automatic maximum determination
  • Runs in the Tray bar beside the clock
  • Can show you all important network settings:
  • Computer name, Workgroup, Comment, IP address, Subnet mask and shared folders

ScrSavPw 1.2, 111 kB
Screenshot ScrSavPw 1.2
  • Gets/sets the password for the Windows 95/98/ME screensaver on keypress

WinBIOS 1.2, 129 kB
Screenshot WinBIOS 1.2
  • A wrapper for my DOS program, compatible with Windows 95/98/ME
  • Displaying information about the BIOS, BIOS Extensions and BIOS beepcodes
  • Finding BIOS passwords for Award, Ami and Phoenix BIOS
  • Finding BIOS universal passwords for Award BIOS

WinPwds 1.00, 96 kB
Screenshot WinPwds 1.00
  • Gets the Windows 95/98/ME logon passwords on keypress