My software (Windows)

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Musik-Suchmaschine 2.0 alpha [07/01/02] (453 kB)   Screenshot

- Generates a searchable Index of all your MP3s
- Use your PC like a CD player (Tracks accessible via remote control; requires WinLIRC)
- Requirement: Needs Winamp 2.05 or higher installed
- Still in Alpha stadium! No documentation or support!
- Freeware

WinTV2000-OnTop 1.1 [05/03/02] (164 kB)   [no screenshot]

- Automatically hides/reduces the WinTV2000 window when moving the mouse cursor over it
- Requirement: Hauppauge WinTV2000 in NoTitle and AlwaysOnTop mode
- Documentation will be added soon!
- Freeware

IFS-Win 1.3 [05/05/02] (172 kB)   Screenshot

- Generates nice looking IFS fractals (random parameters)
- Famous IFS fractals preprogrammed (Barnsley, Koch, Sierpinski)
- Works with every screen resolution
- Dosn't waste CPU power (under 4% on my AMD K6-2 400)
- Freeware

Netuse 1.0 (110 kB)   [no screenshot]

- Shows traffic intensity in Windows LANs
- Automatic maximum determination
- Runs in the Tray bar beside the clock
- Can show you all important network settings:
     Computer name, Workgroup, Comment, IP address, Subnet mask and shared folders
- Freeware

BCC-DIZ 1.3 (117 kB)   Screenshot

- Displays DIZ files (often used for short descriptions of a folder's content)
- Uses codepage 437 (USA) font to display ASCII graphics alright
- Window size depends only on the dimensions of the contents of a DIZ file
- Window content or parts of it can be copied to the Clipboard
- Freeware

Absturz 2.0 (99 kB)   [no screenshot]

("Absturz" is the german word for a hanging PC)

- Lets the PC hang immediately when executed (works with NT too)
- Optimal for placing in the Startup group
- Can also be put in any directory with subdirectories because it looks like a folder
- Freeware