My software (DOS)

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Bios 1.35.1 (24 kB)

- Saving and restoring the BIOS settings
- Validating actual settings to saved settings
- Deleting the BIOS settings (there are some strange cases...)
- Displaying information about the BIOS, BIOS Extensions and BIOS beepcodes
- Finding BIOS passwords for Award, Ami, Phoenix and AST BIOS
- Finding BIOS universal passwords for Award BIOS
- Dumping the whole BIOS segment to disk
- Switching the 1st and 2nd level caches on/off
- Turning the PC into Suspend or Stand-By mode (requires APM 1.1+)
- Turning off the PC (requires APM 1.2+)
- Rebooting the PC (cold/warm/int19)
- Freeware

Important: I can't do any updates without YOUR support!
Please read the textfiles before using my program!

IFS 1.5 (20 kB)

- Generates nice looking IFS fractals
- Famous IFS fractals on keypress (Barnsley, Koch, Sierpinski)
- Save fractal and parameters to harddisk (BMP/TXT)
- Optimal as screensaver
- Freeware

Get Raw2bmp (converts RAW files of older IFS versions to BMP format, 15kB)

Bccvol 1.40 (16 kB)

- Volume control utility for SB and SB PRO card (should work on other SB cards or SB clones too)
- Commandline control
- Optimal for use in Autoexec.bat
- Freeware

Redbook 4.00 (16 kB)

- Small command line cd player
- Ejects the cd if you want it (might also be used in batchfiles)
- Freeware

ChangeDisk 1.0 (3 kB)

- Small program that waits until the disk in drive A: is changed
- Optimal for copying disks to harddisk
- Freeware

ScreenSave/Load 1.1 (7 kB)

- Saving the textmode screen (80x25) and displaying it later again
- Optimal for batchfiles if you use programs which cannot be pipelined
- Freeware

Ivecs 1.0 (14 kB)

- Displays the interruptvectors
- Differenciates addresses in memory and bios rom by colors
- Freeware

Sector 1.0 (8 kB)

- Viewing the contents of disks and harddrives
- Offsets in hex and decimal
- Choosing the sector per C/H/S
- Freeware