Discontinued software (DOS+Win)

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CPU 1.1 (16 kB)

- Displays much of information about your CPU
- Freeware

Deskjet 1.0 (14 kB)

- Lets you find out which ink nozzles of your cadridges are congested
- Freeware

WinBIOS 1.2 (129 kB)   Screenshot

- Displaying information about the BIOS, BIOS Extensions and BIOS beepcodes
- Finding BIOS passwords for Award, Ami and Phoenix BIOS
- Finding BIOS universal passwords for Award BIOS
- Freeware

BiosPwds 1.2 (1 kB)   Screenshot

This program has been replaced by a new one called WinBIOS.
The above link is only to fulfill the Geocities License.
Please don't download it because it only contains a text file containing this information.

WinPwds 1.00 (96 kB)   Screenshot

- Gets the Windows logon passwords on keypress
- Freeware

ScrSavPw 1.2 (111 kB)   Screenshot

- Gets/sets the password for the Windows screensaver on keypress
- Freeware

NetAdmPw 1.2 (110 kB)   Screenshot

- Gets/sets the password for Windows Remote Administration on keypress
- Freeware

Duke Nukem 3D menu 1.5 (167 kB)   Screenshot

- Lets you comfortably select a user level, configure network options and launch DN3D
- The description of a selected user level is automatically displayed (if it exists)
- A CD player, which disables DN3D background music when playing, is also included
- Freeware

DSA-Wettergenerator 1.1 (163 kB)   Screenshot

(This is in german because DSA is only available in german)

- Erzeugt auf Knopfdruck das Wetter für bis zu 900 Tage
- Unterstützt alle vier Jahreszeiten
- Generierung der Wetterdaten erfolgt streng nach DSA-Regeln
- Platzsparender Ausdruck: Bis zu 90 Tage auf einer DIN-A4 Seite
- Freeware

DSA-Dorfgenerator 1.0 alpha (124 kB)   Screenshot

(This is in german because DSA is only available in german)

- Zur Zeit noch im alpha-Stadium
- Erzeugt auf Knopfdruck die Daten für ein typisch aventurisches Dorf
- Unterstützt die im "Handbuch des Reisenden" vorgegebenen Dorfgrößen
- Generierung der Dorfdaten erfolgt streng nach DSA-Regeln
- Freeware